Sectional Doors


The sectional door consisting of dense polyurethane insulated door panels is designed according to the wall, ceiling
and other features of the building. It works by moving towards the ceiling and leaves the user with maximum use. The sandwich panels are robust, durable and reliable with a high insulation value.

  • Double-Sided Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel (0.50 mm) and Intensive Polyurethane Insulation 150 gr / m2
  • Does not contain special epoxy paint and polish-free CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon)
  • Polyurethane density 40kg / m³
  • Finger guard panel structure.
  • Fire Class 0-2
  • Heat insulation acrylic window application
  • Sealing at the bottom, top and sides of the panels and between the flexible PVC roving doors.
  • Reinforcing steel reinforcement sheets that increase the durability of the door against impact and wind
  • Easy manual opening
  • Production of personnel door
Sectional Door Panel detail
Panel Thickness
Polyurethane Density
40 kg / m3
Heat Resistance
0.78 (W / m2 k)
0,109 (k N / m2)
Sound Insulation Value
R w = 23 dB
Panel Safety
Finger compression safety
Meter Weight 
6.55 kg / mt. (11.12 kg / m2)
Paint Thickness
Epoxy 25 m
Wind Resistance
98 kg / m2
Manuals & Metal Hardware
All guides, rail systems and other metal components used in sectional doors are manufactured from hot-dip galvanized according to CE standards. All EPDM fuses used on the bottom, top and side surfaces of the doors are designed to provide sealing.
Wheels and Fittings
All fittings and hinges used in this model doors are made of hot-dip galvanized. The wheelsets that provide the door movement are made of polyimide material and provide silent operation with a long durability period.
Spring and Drums
The spring systems that provide the ease of movement of sectional doors are specially produced spiral spring. According to door dimensions, suitable bow selection is made. They have 15,000 - 20,000 times of opening and closing life. (Optionally 100.000 open/close springs can be selected) Drum systems are made of cast aluminum and are selected according to the type of bearing of the door.
Pneumatic Security System
Lower safety wick attached to the pneumatic switch. In the event of a door being contacted, a pneumatic switch connected to the flexible cable is activated under the door, allowing the door to stop and return. This safety system is standard on all motorized doors.
The inner and outer faces of the door panels are of the original white color. Can be painted in RAL color.
MFZ OVITOR, direct from the shaft, Manuele chinkoir, 380 volts according to the size of the Torsion must be spread, the electrical panel, the electrical circuit can be turned off and on and off. 1 inside of 3 steps.
Engine detail (MFZ OVITOR)
Operating Current
400 V 50 - 60 Hz
Working Power
0.55 kW
2.4 A
Working Torque
130 Nm
Number of Turns (RPM) 
15 r / min.
Operating Temperature
- 20 ° C / + 60 ° C
Protection Class
 IP 54
Sound Pressure
 <70 dB
Full Vision Sectional Doors
Full vision sectional doors designed for buildings (such as showrooms) are made of 40cm thick aluminum profiles specially designed for the system.
Profiles are designed to prevent finger jams when the door is opened and closed.
Single or double-skinned acrylic transparent windows are applied between the profiles.
Aluminum profiles used are painted with electrostatic powder paint in optional color.
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