Inflatable Type Bellows


The inflatable shelter consists of 2 sides and 1 upper inflatable bellows wall. These walls are made of special polyester fabric.
The upper part and sides are protected by a special PVC material.

RAL 5003 colored.

  • The fabric is resistant to all kinds of climatic conditions and has a working range between -35 ° C and 80 ° C.
  • Swelling and extinction time of 15 sec. d.
  • A white colored 50 mm thick insulation panel was used in the upper roof of the shelter. 
  • The inflatable upper part is retracted by the counterweight system at the time of damping. 
  • Swelling is provided by a 3-phase inflatable motor in the shelter.
  • A shelter is manufactured with Stop / Start switch system. (For swelling and extinguishing)

Tarpaulin and PVC curtains colors:

  • Standard: Black
  • Get information for other colors

Front and side curtains:

  • Braided curtains
  • 3 mm thickness

Side facade:

  • PU filled panel
  • 40 mm thickness

Inflation/deflation speed:

  • 15 sec / 15 sec

Deflation system:

  • Counter-weight system



  • Support of light reflector to ease the docking of the vehicle at night

Front PVC fixation laths:

  • Made from anodized extruded aluminum

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