Fire Resistant Curtains


Fire curtains are designed to prevent a building from spreading fire and Produced from a fire resistant fiberglass fabric wrapped around a tube.
When the fire alarm or a local detector is activated, the fire curtain lowers down to the ground and forms a physical barrier to the fire.

The characteristics of the fire curtain:

  • Certified to BS EN 1634 Parts 1 and 3
  • Models of degrees of fire of E180 and E240 minutes.
  • Performance of radiation: (W)  60 minutes \x26lt; 15kW/m2.
  • Flexible and fire resistant fiberglass fabrics.
  • The light installation that decreases by a lot the structural weight.
  • Thin and compact guides.
  • If a low bar, side guides, and tube box are required, they can be painted with electrostatic paint.
  • In a single tube, the sizes can be at the most 8.5 m (wideness) x 7 m (height).
  • The thin and steel side guides prevent the fabric to derail when the fire curtain is working and ensure the integrity of the system against the positive or negative pressures of a real fire.

The certificates:

  • BS EN 1634-1:2014 (fire resistance)
  • BS EN 1634-3:2014 (smoke control test)
  • Fabrics tested to BS 476 Pt 6 and Pt 7, EN 13501-1
  • Fire Curtains tested to UL 10D

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