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What should be considered when buying Automatic Rolling Shutter?


What should be considered when buying Automatic Rolling Shutter?

Automatic Rolling Shutters are systems that can not be opened manually from the outside, with security and deterrence features, mostly in workplaces. Since Automatic Rolling Shutters also have an automation system, they are both easy to use and practical. Automatic Rolling Shutters are preferred because of the high security they provide.

In addition, with the aesthetic appearance it provides to your store or shop, it ensures that your outdoor space is more organized.

Automatic Rolling Shutter Advantages

Automatic Rolling Shutters are not only the classically known type, but also have many features. For example, rolling shutters, which are one of the types of shutters, are used in indoor parking lots of houses, in all kinds of commercial enterprises and shops. It offers different solutions for large areas of factories or warehouses, as it is suitable for frequent and fast opening and closing with industrial motors. If you want, you can add some features while buying a Roller Shutter. Here are some optional features you can add when buying shutters:

Remote controlSurface key switch or flush-mounted key switchManual opening in case of power failureSafety photocellFeatures such as uninterrupted power supply.

High-speed doors, which are also one of the shutter systems, are used in factories and warehouses where very fast opening and closing doors are required, where material entry/exit circulation is intense. While this performance prevents heat losses, it also provides you with great convenience in shipping.

When you order a Roller Shutter, all the personnel you deal with are Profilist employees who are friendly and expert in their fields. Every item you purchase is processed directly by us. Cost is kept as low as possible as we are not an intermediary that directs you to another website to place your order

Automatic Rolling Shutter systems are examined in 2 areas as usage areas:

Workplace safety: In today's world, where workplace safety is of great importance, shutters and doors must be durable in order to be protected from the attacks of malicious people, to prevent theft, and not to be affected by adverse weather conditions. The security and deterrence provided by the presence of the shutter system is very important for business owners. The most practical and economical way to minimize the risk of theft in your workplace is to stop by Profilist and have a look at Automatic Door and Shutter Roller Systems. Security cameras are also a good option, but monitoring your workplace with 24/7 security cameras does not prevent theft, it only allows you to monitor remotely. Shutter systems for homes: In the age we live in, everything makes our lives easier. Technological developments take comfort to a higher level with each passing day. For example, many people would not prefer the aluminum shutters used in the past as they are difficult to open and close. But now the blinds have been made motorized and effortless by keeping up with the technology. Now, while sipping your morning coffee, you can open your blinds with one button and close them with a single button from your bed in the evening to watch the sky without getting up. Also shutters; It protects your home from sunlight, wind and external weather factors such as rain. Thanks to the shutter system; while preventing heat loss in winter and saving energy; In summer, you prevent the sun and add coolness and freshness to your room.

We have written the benefits and usage areas of automatic rolling shutter systems. So, what should be considered when buying automatic shutters?

What Should Be Considered When Buying Automatic Rolling Shutter?

The first important point you should pay attention to in automatic rolling shutters is the company to be selected. Because the quality of materials and technologies used in automatic shutters is very important. Systems produced using cheap materials put your property in danger and you waste your money.

Automatic galvanized steel Rolling shutter systems should be preferred. Because shutter systems made of galvanized steel are not just theft; It also offers effective solutions against combustion, explosive materials and adverse natural events.

You can request a recommendation from the company in order to choose the material to be used in the Automatic Rolling Shutter system in accordance with your needs and therefore not to waste your time.

You should make sure that all of the optional features you want will be provided by the company.

You should question the warranty certificate of the product and take the commitment that the company will give you a positive return in case of any malfunction.

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