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What is Automatic Rolling Shutterr System?

Automatic rolling shutter; In general, they are the shutters used for security purposes in the workplaces and covering doors and windows with automation system. In the outdoor design, it is often preferred because it provides high levels of security with an elegant and stylish appearance. Automatic shutters, not only in workplaces; It can also be used for security purposes in garages, factories and homes.

Automatic spiral shutters meet the decorative expectations at a high level thanks to the product variety, as well as door or window closure functions. The automatic shutter system is used for different purposes in many areas.

  • Barrier systems: It is used to prevent unwanted, uncontrolled vehicle entrances.
  • Spiral systems: It is preferred in areas such as store entrances and warehouses for its fast opening and closing feature.
  • Garden doors: Side sliding doors with remote control are used to make garden entrances and exits practical.
  • Fast PVC doors: They are preferred in buildings, commercial and industrial establishments with intense human entrance and exit.
  • Hermetic doors: Sliding structure model requires sterile space; It is used in areas such as operating rooms and laboratory doors.

Automatic shutters provide advantage in terms of not requiring physical power compared to old type manual shutters and providing better safety. Old Type Shutters, while automatic shutters are not exposed to a physical impact, protect their forms of the first day.

Advantages of automatic shutter system

  • It is longer lasting than traditional doors.
  • Since security is at high level, it provides protection against theft.
  • The automatic shutter system is easier and more convenient to use.
  • It provides optimum safety as it is made with advanced technology and with aluminum as material.
  • Thanks to the insulation feature, soundproof and noise pollution decreases through the building.
  • It saves time in entry-exit.
  • Since it is a controlled transition, it creates confidence in customers.
  • It helps your workplace to provide a more professional look.
  • It protects employees and items efficiently against weather conditions (extreme heat-cold cold).
  • Automatic shutter systems produced well and correctly mounted can be used for many years.
  • Automatic shutters provide positive emotions to your customers by providing aesthetic appearance.
  • The automatic shutter system used in the window protects the window from the formation of mechanical defects.

Automatic Shutter System Types

Automatic shutter systems are divided into 2 in terms of the power source used.

Motorized Automatic Shutter: This system, which is generally used outdoors, works by taking power from shutter motors. Simple operation with remote control, switch or wall-mounted buttons. This shutter, which has a high level of security, is also resistant to fire and natural disasters. It provides hygiene in the area used by preventing dust and condensation.

Electric Automatic Shutter: The energy required for the operation of this system is provided by using electricity. If it is used in places where there are generators, there will be no negative situation against power cuts.

Automatic shutter systems, which provide a comfortable use in every area where security is required, are produced with quality and expertise by Profilist, which is a pioneer in its sector.

Profilist; In automatic shutter systems, it provides fast and practical installation by expressing its professionalism in correct installation, which is one of the most important situations.

The automatic shutter system provides you with a comfortable experience and allows you to enjoy the peace and comfort.

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