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Rolling Shutter

Rolling Shutter

Thanks to the advantages it creates, the interest in automatic rolling shutter systems has increased significantly in recent years. The shutter system, which is known as one of the oldest systems used, appears today with a modern form in particular. Automatic rolling shutter systems have changed over time according to their models, intended use or intended use.

What is Roller Shutter?

Of course, the most important reason why rolling shutters are used in different businesses or homes today is security. In particular, shutters made of durable materials create an important assurance in this sense. On the other hand, the fact that the shutter systems have a practical and fast structure stands before us as an important detail. One of the important shutter systems that are resistant to all seasons is the rolling shutters.

Contrary to popular belief, the use of rolling shutters actually dates back to ancient times. Traditional hinged or railed manual doors have been replaced by automatic rolling shutter systems today. It is known that rolling shutters were mainly used for the protection of warehouses in the first period. The functional structures of the rolling shutters also paved the way for various improvements. These products, which provide insulation especially effectively, have been among the priority choices of organizations that want to reduce their energy consumption.

The role of rolling shutters is even more important in heavy industry areas. Although rolling shutters became widespread among small businesses in the first years, they found a response in many areas in the following periods. Rolling shutter systems have succeeded in incorporating auxiliary systems over time. Remote control systems, radars or pneumatic technology are examples of these systems.

Characteristics of Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters, which are needed to protect workplace safety, have recently brought to the fore more aesthetically attractive models. Thanks to the materials it contains, the systems in question have a great resistance to various impacts or wind. Reinforced panels have an important effect on increasing this durability. Profiles with elements such as steel material or polyurethane prevent corrosion formations. At the same time, it is ensured that successful results are obtained in terms of sound or heat insulation in businesses.

The lower skirt elastics, together with the brushes placed in the grooves, provide a high level of durability against adverse weather conditions and impacts. Roller shutter systems are used in stores, factories, prefabricated buildings, workplaces and special projects. Industrial types are usually larger than 6 meters. These products, which are mostly preferred by medium-sized businesses, create a great advantage in the areas where they are used because they do not take up much space.

Material in Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutter systems with very high corrosion resistance can be produced from different raw materials in accordance with expectations or intended use. Roller shutters made of steel material are relatively heavier. For this reason, it is mostly preferred in areas where valuable products are sold. Rolling shutters filled with polyurethane can offer ideal solutions for many businesses. The raw material of the shutter profiles is the factor that directly affects the price of the rolling shutter systems. You can contact us for more detailed information about rolling shutters.

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