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Manual Rolling Shutter

Manual Rolling Shutter

Manual rolling shutter is a door system used in shops, offices and similar workplaces. This system, which is used to ensure security, is obtained from various materials and made ready for use. In particular, we see that it is produced from aluminum, sheet metal and iron and offered for sale.

Manual rolling shutter system, which is long-lasting and useful, is generally used in workplaces in various sectors. Since the doors of each workplace are in different sizes, this product is also produced according to the size of the place of use. Therefore, manual shutters that have been used for a long time are available in many sales points.

Manual Rolling Shutter System Features

Manual rolling shutter system is a product primarily used for security purposes. This product, which is produced from various materials, is also produced in different sizes. It can also be used to provide security on garage doors. Therefore, it has multi-purpose functionality for small or large places.

Manual rolling shutters designed in different colors and materials also promise a decorative look. Therefore, it is possible to use it in workplaces and homes. According to the desired ral color, manual shutter production is made with powder and oven paint. It is applied to the area to be used with the mounting system and made ready for use. Manual rolling shutters have the feature of being used for decorative purposes as well as security.

These systems, which are resistant to possible theft cases, are preferred by many business owners. At this point, one wonders how manual shutters are used. It is easily opened and closed by human power with the manual roller shutter opening handle. Manual rolling shutters, which basically have these features, are produced and supplied in different models, sizes and colors according to demand.

Manual Rolling Shutter Usage

Manual rolling shutters, unlike other rolling shutter systems, do not run on electrical power. As the name suggests, it is used manually. It must first be assembled to be ready for use. This secure door and window system should be installed by qualified personnel. Because each area has different dimensions, special measurements should be taken and manual rolling shutters should be produced accordingly.

The manual shutter, which is produced specifically for the area, is installed by experts with its special equipment for the area of use. Then it is made ready for use. The manual roller shutter release lever is a helpful tool at this point. This tool is inserted into the gap next to the shutter to open it. It is also provided to be closed with this apparatus. Therefore, it is possible to open and close and control it easily without using electricity.

Advantages of Manual Rolling Shutter System

Manual rolling shutters, which have been used for many years, have many advantages. It has some advantageous features compared to other electric shutter systems. It should be noted that these spiral shutters, which are preferred from aluminum material, are used for a longer period of time. In addition to its long-term use, its practical use also provides benefits to the user.

In particular, the fact that it can be used without the need for electricity prevents extra electricity costs. Therefore, it is more cost-effective than other electric roller shutter systems. Since it can be used everywhere, it can be preferred in large or small workplaces.

It is installed in a short time as it does not require the use of electricity. The realization of production in different colors and models offers different options to the buyers. Therefore, it is an advantageous feature for people who attach importance to decorative appearance at work or at home. It is also in demand because it is a budget-friendly product compared to other rolling shutter systems. Manual rolling shutters used with PVC windows or doors also prevent similar particles such as dust and dirt. Therefore, it is a type of shutter that provides advantages in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

You can get detailed information about manual roller shutter models, features and prices by contacting our company, where the production is always carried out.

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