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How to Close Automatic Rolling Shutters in a Power Outage?

Automatic shutter systems, which are used primarily in workplaces, are also preferred in garages. These systems, which provide security, also protect vehicles with their resistance to wind. Power outages may occur from time to time in areas where automatic shutters are used. One wonders how these systems, which provide special-purpose protection and security, can be turned on and off in case of a power outage. In this article, we will answer the question of how to close automatic shutters during a power outage.

Automatic Rolling Shutter Closing Method in Case of Power Outage

It is important to know how to open and close automatic shutters to prevent power outages that may occur in some cases. These automatic systems are turned on and off when the power supply is activated. In case there is no power supply, it is possible to turn it on and off manually.

To use the manual opening method, the device must first be found. Thanks to the apparatus located next to the tube motor, you can manually open and close the automatic shutter system. In power plant engines, the on/off process is completely different. In these engines, it is very simple, you need to pull the safety rope, put the engine in neutral, lower it and turn it on again.

Automatic Rolling Shutter Opening Methods in Case of Power Outage

Questions about how to open and close automatic rolling shutters during power outages are important. It is necessary to know the opening methods in case of power outages that are likely to occur in every region. Below is information on the opening methods of automatic rolling shutter systems:

Using the manual open-close box: The manual open-close box integrated into the Rolling Shutter system allows opening the shutter in case of power outages. This box, usually located next to the shutters, is designed especially for emergencies.

Using manual chain or arm features: Manual chain or arm features in the Automatic Rolling shutter motor can also be used.

Using UPS power supply: UPS power supply is one of the mechanisms that work in power outages. This mechanism, activated during a power outage, opens and closes the automatic shutter system.

Precautions to be Taken for Automatic Shutter Systems in Case of Power Outages

As it is known, every device and system that operates on electricity is sensitive to power outages. Therefore, taking precautions in advance prevents damage to electrical devices and systems. At this point, precautions should also be taken for automatic shutter systems.

Maintenance and control are necessary to prevent automatic shutter systems from being damaged during power outages. This maintenance and control is important to prepare for power outages. Some maintenance methods are recommended for the shutter mechanisms to work properly. For the regular functioning of this mechanism, lubrication and cleaning must be done routinely. On the other hand, it is necessary to check the manual on-off box that will be used urgently.

How Should Automatic Rolling Shutter Systems Be Opened in Emergency Situations?

In unexpected situations, it is necessary to open and close automatic shutter systems appropriately. Among the questions that users are curious about is how to open automatic shutter systems in emergency situations. At this point, the manual opening method is most recommended. It is possible to open the shutter manually, thanks to features such as a manual chain or lever on the shutter motor.

Some automatic shutters may also have an emergency stop button. This button is designed for emergencies and allows easy stopping. Therefore, it does not require manual opening effort.

How to Open Automatic Rolling Shutters Without Remote?

Opening the Automatic Rolling shutter without a remote control means that it must be opened manually. In other words, it is necessary to push or rotate the shutter mechanism upwards. This opening method is generally preferred in cases of power outages or when the shutter does not work. If automatic shutters constantly require manual opening, it means there is a malfunction. In this case, it is important to get professional support from expert companies.

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