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How Does Automatic Rolling Shutter Work?

How Does Automatic Rolling Shutter Work?

Today, automatic rolling shutters increase both the comfort level and security measures in the areas where they are used. Automatic shutters, which have a very practical mechanism, have quickly succeeded in replacing traditional rolling shutters thanks to their efficient structure. Automatic rolling shutters, which are frequently preferred in homes as well as in workplaces, are much more useful than classical shutters.

Automatic rolling shutters are mostly activated by a motorized system. Provides remote control or wall-mounted button panels control in many types. In very special cases, it is possible to perform automatic on/off operations with the use of sensors. Automatic rolling shutters can be designed with different materials. This material and design difference creates new products both aesthetically and functionally.

Automatic rolling shutters, which have become one of the indispensable elements for commercial areas today, also increase the security of the place to the highest level. These shutters, which also prevent possible heat losses due to closing the glass surfaces; It can be used in large factories, shopping malls, workplaces, stores, banks, warehouses. It can be produced in different types depending on the needs of the space.

How Automatic Rolling Shutters Work

Automatic rolling shutter systems come to the fore in the sector as a practical and safe option. Automatic rolling shutters are basically activated by the electric motor. The system in question allows the shutters to move up/down. This cyclical movement is also provided with manual control logic when desired. In order to better understand the working of automatic shutter systems, it is necessary to examine the components that make up this system. Components of automatic shutters include rolling shutter panels, shutter motors, control panel or emergency system.

In general, automatic rolling shutter systems consist of lamellas arranged in rows and self-channeled. The channels holding these lamellas allow the lamellas to move flexibly. During the opening or closing processes of the roller shutters, the lamellas, which move with the motor force, are wrapped on the winding frame. When the shutter is opened or closed, the lamellas are wrapped on top of each other, but they never harm each other in this process. It is very important for the shutters to be able to move without causing problems and especially without scratching the slideways.

In the meantime, it is very important to ideally choose tubular motors that undertake the winding action in automatic rolling shutter systems. For example, choosing an engine with weak potential means exceeding the carrying capacity of large-capacity shutters. This overload also inevitably causes the engine to break down or burn out.

Automatic shutters with sensors can be activated automatically depending on the intensity of light, weather conditions or special safety factors. Likewise, these sensors can also make it possible to close the rolling shutters. In the meantime, it is also possible to make programming adjustments for certain hours in some automatic shutter systems.

Advantages of Automatic Rolling Shutters

Automatic rolling shutters bring many advantages for users.

First of all, these types of shutters make it difficult to intervene from outside to inside. This is an element that increases the security for the spaces. Automatic rolling shutters can be easily controlled thanks to the buttoned panel or remote control options. This situation reveals energy savings. Automatic rolling shutter systems open and close faster than traditional shutters. Besides their modern appearance, they have a much wider choice pool in terms of color and design.

The working principles of automatic rolling shutter systems and the advantages of use listed above have been effective in the preference of the products. You can also meet automatic shutter systems to increase the security, aesthetics or comfort level of your living spaces and workplaces.

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