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Automatic Rolling Shutter Repair

Automatic Rolling shutter repair is important to eliminate the fault. Automatic shutters may malfunction from time to time depending on some factors. Generally, the failure of this type of shutters is caused by electronic problems. Sometimes malfunctions may occur depending on the remote control. Additionally, delaying the maintenance of the shutter model in question may cause it to malfunction. In this case, users are wondering how automatic shutter repair should be done. In this article, you can get comprehensive information about automatic shutter repair.

How to Repair Automatic Rolling Shutters?

Automatic Rolling shutters can malfunction as we mentioned before. Delayed maintenance, careless use, electrical problems or material quality are among the main factors causing malfunction. If the shutter does not open and close and does not perform other functions, the following should be done to repair it:

If you think there is a malfunction caused by an electrical problem, you should turn off the fuse.

After turning off the fuse, you should not pass under the faulty shutter or use it in any way.

However, if there is a problem caused by the engine, you can try to turn it on and off using the manual feature.

If you are experiencing a problem with the remote control, you can replace the remote control battery.

If the malfunction continues despite these interventions, you should call the authorized company to fix the automatic shutter malfunction in a short time.

Why Doesn't Automatic Rolling Shutters Work?

There is a certain mechanism in automatic rolling shutter systems. This mechanism consists of 2-3 electrical equipment. Malfunction of any one of them will affect the functioning of other equipment, causing abnormalities in the mechanism.

Automatic Rolling shutter may not work due to many malfunctions. Basically, user error or faulty/incomplete assemblies may affect its use. Whatever the cause of these malfunctions, you should not intervene alone as it is an electrical system. Otherwise, different harmful situations may occur. Therefore, you should get support from authorized companies that specialize in automatic shutter repair.

Automatic Rolling Shutter Repair Fees

Costs for automatic rolling shutter repair vary depending on many factors. Factors such as the cause of the malfunction, the materials and labor to be used in repairing it determine the cost of repairing the malfunction. Therefore, it is not possible to give clear information about the cost of the repair. To get more detailed information on this subject, you can contact authorized companies that are experts in the field of automatic shutters. Generally, affordable companies operate in the market for this repair service.

What Should Be Done If the Automatic Rolling Shutter Doesn't Open and Close?

A common problem with automatic shutters is that they do not open or close. The first thing you need to do is to check whether the electrical fuse is active. You can perform this check in the most practical way by looking at the indicator light on your receiver card. If the indicator light is on, the fuse is active. After the check, operate the shutters again and see if the problem is resolved. If the shutters still do not work properly, it is useful to contact the relevant repair company.

What Should Be Done If Automatic Rolling Shutters Close Halfway?

Automatic Rolling shutters move up and down with moving pallets. For correct alignment of these pallets, their ends are fixed with plugs. However, these plugs can wear out over time due to constant friction. As a result of this wear, slippage on the pallets may be observed. If your automatic shutters close halfway, this may be due to shifts in the pallets. However, this problem may also be related to the shutter motor.

What to Do in Case of Overheating in Automatic Rolling Shutters?

Blinds can become hot when used continuously, and this excessive heat can prevent them from working. If your automatic shutters are not working due to excessive use, this may be due to a heating problem. In this case, it would be useful to wait a while for your shutters to cool down and then operate them again.

Such malfunctions require an effective automatic shutter repair process. Therefore, if the malfunctions continue, you should call the authorized company as soon as possible. Relevant experts will carry out repairs with appropriate equipment depending on the fault of the shutter.

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