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Automatic Roller Shutter

Automatic Roller Shutter

Roller shutters are generally used for stores, storages or office spaces in order to maximise the security. Roller shutters can be fabricated from galvanized steel or aluminium.

Roller shutters represent usually doors that function horizontally. With the progress of technology automatic roller shutters replaced the conventional manual roller shutters.

What are automatic roller shutters?

Automatic roller shutters do not need any manual force for functioning and are very practical in the sense of opening and closing operations.

This system is especially convenient for the spaces where there are a lot of circulation.

In addition to that, automatic roller shutters provide a security to the spaces where they are used and they are fabricated in the purpose of minimizing the chance of burglary. This is the main reason why this system is prefered from owners of homes, stores or factories.

The main charecteristic of automatic roller shutters is that they are controlled from a distance with a remote control. But they can be also managed from a push-button mechanism that is installed to a close wall. The management of roller shutters can differate based on the preferences of the user and the purpose concerning the use of the door.

Basically, automatic roller shutters are known for providing security and convenience for the users. That is the reason for the high demand of the product.

The characteristics of automatic roller shutters

Beside the common use of automatic roller shutters as products that increase security to places where they are installed, they are preferred also for their aesthetic appearance and their convenience. The rolling shutter system extends to other automatic door systems as hangar doors, high speed pvc doors, sectional doors, etc.

Manual roller shutters did not provide the same level of security and because the mechanism worked manually it caused with time the corrosion of the door. Since automatic roller shutters do not need an external force to work, they preserve their appearance and their working system.

Regarding their aestheticity, users can choose from a diverse catalogue of Ral coded paint colors.

The installation of roller shutters is a very delicate process and has to be done from a professional and experienced firm. Automatic roller shutters can be installed to the entry of a office space or a factory, but also in every places required.

Advantages of automatic roller shutters

- Automatic roller shutters are more durable then the conventional manual roller shutters.

Especially, aluminium roller shutters come forward as a little more resistant from galvanized steel ones, but galvanized steel roller shutters are much more resistant to external natural forces.

- Automatic roller shutters can be personalized for the users. The user can optimize the settings of the doors adding personal adjustments. Also, different choices of size and colors are efficient to the personalization of the doors.

- The maintenance of automatic roller shutters is much more easy and cost effective. Some of roller shutters even self-clean with rain's water.

- Motors used for automatic roller shutters are powerful and resistant.

You can contact Profilist, that has a capacity of 3500 m2 of production, for more details about currents models of automatic roller shutters.

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