About Us

 Since 1999, Profilist has been the leading firm in the roller shutter industry providing its own manufacture and installation of the product. With its professional team of engineers, the firm aim to deliver the best service to its customers. One of the first manufacturers of galvanized steel roller shutter in Turkey, Profilist is proud to be the pioneer of new technologies in this industry with its technological machine park
From the time of its establishment, Profilist has not stopped to improve itself furnishing a diversity of fine products. Through its accumulated knowledge, the firm is able to provide a permanent solution to any kind of problem in this area.
İn its current facility located in Sultanbeyli/Turkey, Profilist has a capacity of 3.500 m2 production per month. Along to the production, the firm offer to its customer drop shipment, installation, reparation, and maintenance of the product. With its same technical staff since its establishment, Profilist provides a professional and excellent work to its client.
  • With the awareness of the importance of the galvanized steel roller shutter, Profilist has designed its own product and continues to manufacture it. Thereby, the firm is one of the oldest and essential firms of the country, always delivering a high-quality product to its customer. That is why Profilist is the reference to quality and reliability in Turkey. 
  • Profilist always tries to maintain the quality of the product, good relations with the customers, reliance between the customers/partners and itself, and the satisfaction of the customers. 
  • Profilist aims international retail, new technologies that will make a difference in the industry and to be a worldwide brand.